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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Whodunnit? A farm mystery...

There's varmints eatin' our meat chickens!

The first couple of weeks on pasture can be treacherous for small chicks. Our broiler pens are heavy and well armored, but not completely impervious to attack--especially when you're dealing with an animal that has deep digging capability. Not sure what it is--fox, coyote?--but we've definitely got an issue on our hands. Here's the evidence from last night:

A 12-inch hole, that is--dug from the outside to the inside. We moved the pens before taking the picture because there were broilers freely roaming everywhere on the pasture this morning. Whatever it is--it's dedicated. Here's a photo of the print to the right of my hand, which suggests fox...?

So far we've tried shoring up the pens with 2x4's on the ground. Our next tactic may include a motion-detector light, or perhaps just a vigil with a lawn chair and a .17 rifle. Whatever it is, it's on!


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