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Monday, March 21, 2011

They're women now!

Our young(er) "Production Red" layers with their first eggs. They live up to their name. It only took 4.5 months to get the first egg, which is quicker than the 6 month waiting period you can expect with other breeds. Of course, the eggs are small now, but they're coming. In a month or two they should be medium or larger. Now that the days are lengthening and the temperatures are warming, their laying cycles are much more stimulated. In winter, production dips to about 25% of what you could normally expect--and we have to turn many egg eaters away, explaining that eggs are seasonal, just like tomatoes or strawberries. But it's spring and we're headed out of that now. Between our younger and older birds (about 800 of 'em), we should get somewhere around 300 dozen/week in peak season. It's time to start picking eggs 2+ times a day.

Now, if only we could train them to lay eggs straight into the flats...


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