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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fire, Bucolic Farm Photos, My Fig and I

This was a large nasty brush/junk pile that was created when the egg house was built, it needed to be burned before the Eggstravaganza. On my second try I got it going! Cleanup was less fun. Also, don't wear a watch when you are burning a pile, the metal parts heat up and burn you.

Here are some bucolic pictures of our chickens free ranging. I really need to do a post comparing one of our eggs to a store egg....

This is my 3 month Farm Team initiation tree planting ceremony - that's me and my Brown Turkey Fig tree.


The Table Tent!

We sell eggs to a local breakfast restaurant and were asked to make a promotional table tent type thing. Jon took on the project pro bono and here is the very nice finished product in all its glory. Thanks Jon!


Corn and Potatoes!

Corn and potatoes!

Cleo... or Clevon

The other day at the Statesboro Farmers' Market someone came to our table with a baby chick they had found abandoned in a parking lot. It had been dealing drugs and needed some help. So we took the chick in. We're hoping its a hen, if so it will be named Cleo, if its a rooster, Clevon. She has been living in the kitchen chirping constantly and almost got me killed on the highway. I think it might have an accident soon.

Its about 4 weeks old we think. Here are some weird pictures of me, the chick, and Angel Cat.

The other exciting exciting thing to happen last week was we paid ourselves for the first time. We had been paying for our food with our revenue but not ourselves. I'll give you our extrapolated hourly rate and you can see if you can figure our pay, it worked out to 9 cents an hour. But the real benefits of being here can't be quantified.


Oh Lord, I am a horrible blogger. I think I need to just pick a day each week and do it, that's a good idea. So a lot has happened since my last post. We had our big Eggstravanza, which happened the day before Easter. We had farm tours, egg games, and an egg hunt in the pecan orchard, we had about 200 people come which was a really great turnout.

This was nice for us since we worked about 14 hours a day the week before getting everything presentable, dyeing 600 eggs for the hunt, etc. Here are some photos...

From top to bottom, left to right: Egg Decorating was a big hit. This is our new rooster Zeus, he's a sweetheart and a hit at the "Pet-A-Chicken" stand. That tiny rooster is a called a Bantam, his name is Benjamin and is that woman and her husband's pet. Everyone loves getting their face painted! An egg and spoon race was fun for all! The beginning of the hunt, the kids took off, that photo gives you a good idea of how many folks were here.

Next post: Our new baby chick.