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Friday, March 18, 2011

2010 WWOOFer of the Year: Dillon! Yay!

Chicks dig Dillon. Apparently ducks, too. See the Superwoman cap--she wore it 'cause she could back it up. Dillon hailed from Atlanta, a former corporate career woman "liberated" from her job to pursue life wholeheartedly as a farmer. We were lucky enough to have her around for a couple months last fall and most of the 2011 winter season. Future WWOOFers, take note:

Dillon was awesome because...

1. She was easy going, which balanced our type-A management style.
2. She was self-motivated. She saw something that needed to be done, and did it--or mentioned it to us so that we would do it.
3. She had a sense of humor. It goes a long way in farm life and life in general.

We could gab about how great she is in further detail, but we fear it may make future WWOOFers feel inadequate. However, if you are considering Dillon for a work-stay on your farm, we give her our full recommendation and our highest WWOOFer honor--2010 WWOOFer of the year (we had 10ish WWOOFers in 2010). WWOOFer Hall of Fame and Best WWOOFer of All Time will be announced at a later date.

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