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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday Supper!

In celebration of MLK Day we hosted a potluck at the farm for community members, co-producers, educators, and generally hungry people. We had a great turnout, some stellar food, and interesting conversation. Turnout was so good in fact that we had to scrounge up every office chair, bench, and even a 5 gallon bucket to seat everyone. Thanks to everyone who made it, and to everyone who couldn't make it out, we'll do it again soon...


Monday, January 24, 2011

Snug as a bug in a rug

Meet the new recruits. Elliott brought them down in the back of the truck (with hog panels covering the bed, attached with rainbow colored bungee cords) from a breeder in Canton, GA on Saturday. They're now settling into the new digs, getting used to visits from laying hens brave enough to jump into the pen. The farm seems more farmy, in a way. The added diversity is a symbol of the coming spring (I hesitate to speak too soon--we still have to get through February), and a gentle nudge toward getting the whole operation running again. We've been in severe hibernation mode since Christmas, and though the rest was much needed, we look forward to the fullness and excitement of our third season--abundant sunshine, animals on pasture, and (dare I say) growing grass. Here we go, kids...

More on the pigs: They're obviously not Berkshire--what the heck is up with that? In short, we couldn't find 'em. We searched high and low, left and right, hither and yon, but found it difficult to source them within the state. Berkshire is a relatively rare breed--especially in a region of the country where pink pig is king. We did our best, but settled on these hybrid guys (note the spots/coloration--Duroc, Yorkshire, and perhaps some Hampshire?) to get the pork show on the road in time for the market. We raised 5 pigs last year, and this year are looking to bump that up by a factor of 3 or so. These are the first 6, and we will continue to keep an eye out for the Berkshire, but are willing to give other breeds a try in the event we can't find them. Note the bigger pig in the back--a pure Duroc--she's currently in an awkward adolescent phase, but she may become our first sow this year, and we may become proud purveyors of piglets. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-anges...