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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clippin' Chick'n Wings (with GSU students)

We were fortunate enough to have three GSU service-learners come out last week to help us with clipping the wings of our layers. They showed up and got right to it. 400 birds later, they were pros. A little uneasy at first--they didn't realize clipping wings was more or less like cutting a fingernail. Here's a video of how to clip a chicken's wings from last year:

And some photos from this year:

You need a catcher, a holder, and a clipper, plus somebody workin' the door. It's all hands in on this project. We wear masks because all the birds in the coop flapping around wildly = major dust. Chickens are chicken, and they freak out a little before it's time to clip, but once they're done it's a non-event and they enjoy the rest of their day.

Thanks, y'all.


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