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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Farm Roundup

Things falling through cracks... must get back up to date... blogosphere closing in on me...

I never thought I would describe something on the farm as "coiffed" but after a year of weeding, bleeding, cursing, overwintering 400 chickens, and putting down 7 bales of hay, the blueberry patch is looking good and buzzing with bees.

A really beautiful rainbow from March, couldn't zoom wide enough to show that it went from horizon to horizon and had a twin just below it. A stunning rainbow.

The bag pile in all its glory! Our hideous pile of empty feed bags is now neat and tidy, waiting to be turned into the paths of our garden.

My "spirit" fig, the tree I planted when finished my 3 months of sweat equity on the farm. Its leaves started popping out a couple weeks ago. Go little guy!


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