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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Broilers: Week 7 Update

Ready to eat! They're cute and delicious, averaging about 3.5lbs. They'll make their 2010 debut in Savannah this week (Saturday, April 10th @ the Forsyth Market from 9am - 1pm), and in Statesboro next week (Saturday, April 17th @ the Mainstreet Market from 9am - 1 PM). After that we hope to have enough supply to continue alternating weeks and offering them throughout the market season.

When you (yes, you--and everyone you know) buy chicken and eggs from your local unconventional ecological farmers ( and Elliott), you're supporting...

--the production of clean, safe, epically scrumptious food
--a fair wage for your farmer
--responsible land stewardship
--your local economy and rural culture
--decent and humane animal treatment
--your own health, nutrition, and vitality!

We can't tell you how satisfying it is to raise these birds. Compliments about their superior flavor and texture never get old--it makes battling rainstorms and foxes seem worth it.



  1. Bought a whole chicken from you at the Bluffton Farmers Market, it was the best chicken I had in years. It actually had flavor and texture, not like the chicken I have been getting at the supermarkets that is tasteless and has the consistency of paste. Keep up the great work! See you at the next market.

  2. Thank you! We work hard to grow the best food you can eat so hearing comments like this makes it all the more worthwhile. See you at next week's Bluffton Market - April 29th.