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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Big Ag Unveiled: See for Yourself

In another episode of what Elliott and I like to call "geeking out on the internet, " we came across FeedstuffsFoodLink, a YouTube channel about the folks on the other side--the large scale, commercial agriculture side. Rather than watch seedy documentary footage shot by some incognito PETA member getting the "insider look" at a factory farm, this seems to be a series of videos funded by the big ag folks in blatant, plain as day support of...

--antibiotic use
--battery cage confinement
--unnatural, inhumane treatment of animals
--hormone use
--chemical and synthetic technology
--large, large scale production

And they actually show and tell on real live farms! You get to see everything, which is what we invite you to do. Please take a look. Though they are promotional videos, any thinking person can easily pierce through their false messaging about "bird welfare" in battery cages and other absurdities that kept us scoffing. Before I influence your perception any further, see for yourself:

Looking forward to your comments.



  1. Good God, where even to start? I won't, because it's like shooting fish (or chickens) in the proverbial barrel.
    And don't the bad cowboys wear black hats?

  2. That's some propaganda for you. Yes their facility looks clean, but they probably pump their birds so full of antibiotics for having to live in such close contact they would spread disease. Clearly better animal welfare standards are needed. Animals should be able to be outside in the sunlight and should never be used for mass production. Watched Food Inc. recently too. UGH. Thank god for farmers who care :)