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Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 CSA: The Hope Grows FARM TRUST

Become a Co-producer
CSA stands for Community (that’s you and us!) Supported Agriculture. It’s the system where you help the farm by making a commitment early in the year (just like we farmers do). By your advance payment—your FARM TRUST—you commit to buying a portion of your food from our farm—you invest in the new season, in your year of great food. You plant $, we plant the food! You become a co-producer.

Keepin’ It Clean, Keepin’ It Real

Community Supported Agriculture is an idea directly inspired by our work on the land. It emphasizes and reinforces our interdependent relationships. Our work feeds the land, feeds us and in turn feeds you. It’s constant, perennial and cyclical. It’s renewed now; looking forward, building on our accomplishments. When you join our CSA, you anticipate your family’s needs for the upcoming year (in fact, even beyond that--good health for life!). Every year you plan with us: clean air, water and soil, happy animals, a vibrant community, satisfying, nutritious food. You get terrific food and support the special work being done here at Hope Grows: pasture-based ecological agriculture, farm apprenticeships, educational programs and more. But mostly you participate in the existence of a diverse community farm.

Our CSA’s Different!

No other CSA works this way! Instead of getting a subscription box of vegetables for each of 20-25 weeks, like most CSAs, we give you choice to shop like you usually do. You decide how you want to shop, how much and what you want from a wide selection of sustainably raised foods, both meats and vegetables, eggs, fruits, nuts—whatever we raise, year ‘round. And there’s no due date or expiration. You send us your subscription money, and we keep track of it—like a debit account. You use your pre-paid credit whatever way you want, whenever you want, on our products at the farm, or at farmers’ markets where we sell. Simple, convenient, flexible and fun. If winter rolls around and you want to re-subscribe, you can easily rejoin—or purchase a membership as a holiday gift for someone you really love!

Our CSA is called The Hope Grows FARM TRUST.

A Farm Trust Membership gets you:

· the best food money can buy—no contest!

· a connection to your farm!

· join-up bonus

· whatever we sell at the farm (no blackouts/restrictions)

· whenever you want (no “pick-up day,” we’re open 7 days)

· any time of year (we’re open year ‘round)

· whatever we have
Vegetables, Meats (chicken, pork, turkey, duck, lamb), Eggs, Fruits, Nuts

· no quantity limits, no exceptions, no expiration

· an e-newsletter with freebies, discounts, and members-only super special sales

· referral bonus (sign a new member—get a super treat!)

How to Subscribe:
You can become a Farm Trust member immediately--help us now! Visit our website to download our membership form and mail it in or bring it to the farm or markets with a check. You will receive an e-mail confirmation and your benefits will start immediately. There are lots of wonderful things available on the farm now! We have suggested membership levels, but join at whatever amount you’re comfortable in between. We know you want us to get through the winter and have great stuff (delicious, real, local, lovingly grown, ecological, health-giving food) for you all through the coming year.


COWS ($1000 plus level) $100 value bonus:
4lb Chicken x 4
A kiss from your choice of Elliott or Arianne!
Dinner with your farmers on the farm!

PIGS ($750) $60 value bonus:
4 lb Chicken x 3
An awkwardly long hug from Elliott and Arianne!

SHEEP ($500) $40 value bonus:
4 lb Chicken X 2
A loving pat on the back from Elliott and Arianne!

CHICKENS ($250) $20 value bonus:
4 lb Chicken
A hi-five from Elliott and Arianne!

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  1. Sounds cool! Wish I lived closer and could be a co-producer.