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Friday, September 17, 2010

Turkey Brooding Lessons

I've asked one of our turkeys to write down his tips and thoughts on brooding for any future turkey farmers. Here goes:

"Hi, I'm turkey #57. Here is my list of tips -

Brooder Safety
Always keep in mind that we will kill ourselves if given half a chance. Look in you brooder and get in the mind of your turkeys, say to yourself 'I'm a suicidal turkey - what can I kill myself on in here?' and then go over every inch of your brooder and remove any questionable situation - nail, spot we can get our legs caught, etc.

If there is an area with a drip we will get soaked there even if the rest of your brooder is dry and toasty.

Remember - we are NOT CHICKENS - we NEED fresh bedding every day, pine shavings for 2 weeks, hay for 6.

Green Material
We LOVE grass and weeds, start feeding this to us ASAP.

You would be bored too if you spent 8 weeks in a brooder so keep us busy with green material, piles of straw, and other novelties or else we'll start pecking each other.

If one of us gets a wound we will all turn into Hannibal Lector and peck him to death - so please check us frequently and pull anyone out before its too late!

Brooder Floorplan
If you try to use sides - like this - we will escape.

Better to use an open floor plan so there is no way out.

Feel free to contact me with any further questions."

Thanks Turkey #57! Appreciate you taking the time.

Up next - (once we've got it down) tips and thoughts on pasturing turkeys)



  1. Just came across your sight (via quail ridge milling), looking forward to following the action. Maybe I come by for a visit next time im down. Will

  2. Any time. Just give us a call to make sure we'll be around. 912-863-6436.


  3. Can we use wood shavings or straw for bedding?