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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Help Arianne get to Italy--go to Field of Greens!

So, I'm going to Italy...soon. Yep. Been a dream I've had for four years now--and finally, thanks to the generosity of: Slow Food Atlanta, the Coastal Organic Growers, and Slow Food USA (whew, that's alotta hyperlinks) it's coming true. If you haven't heard yet, I'm headed to Terra Madre--an international network of food producers, cooks, educators and students from 150 countries who are united by a common goal of global sustainability in food. The "food communities" of Terra Madre come together biennially in Turin, Italy to share innovative solutions and time-honored traditions for keeping small-scale agriculture and sustainable food production alive and well.

Huge honor, right? Right. I still don't believe I'm going. But I'll take pictures and videos and it'll probably all seem real once I get back...

In the meantime, Field of Greens is a farm festival
happening this Sunday, October 3rd that brings together locally grown food, live music, and green living education, all in a family-friendly, fun environment. I'm mentioning it here because:

1.) I definitely think you should go if you can--I'll be there volunteering.

2.) Proceeds from Field of Greens benefit Slow Food Atlanta, who will then turn funds over to Terra Madre delegates from Georgia (ahem--yours truly) to help cover travel expenses to the conference.
3.) There's going to be good food, good music, and lots of sexy people (this is unconfirmed at the moment--but entirely possible when you're talking about folks that eat well).
4.) Why wouldn't you go?

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