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Friday, July 16, 2010

Turkey Cam Courtesy of Anthony-Masterson and GROW! The Movie

We just spent a few days with a couple of groovy & talented filmmakers from Atlanta who are serving the good food movement by putting a face on the young sustainable and organic farmers in Georgia. As they travel the state shooting their feature length film about young, hot farmers like us, they're posting quick video teasers and photo updates on their blog GROW! The following is a video of turkey arrival earlier this week:

GROW! Hope Grows Farm from Anthony-Masterson on Vimeo.


  1. You guys ARE saving me a turkey, yes? Seriously? Also want any cut of the piggies you can offer (except chitlins) AND sausage AND lard (if you're making...)

  2. Don't worry, we've got your name down on the list for turkey. The deposit is $25, and we can take that at the market if that works for you. No need to use a stamp. As for pork...and chop...they'll be coming soon to a market near you. They're about 200lbs right now. We're going to get them up to about 250 and then process--should be around the end of August. They're growing a bit slower than expected, but the taste will be worth it.