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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Freak Snow!

Sorry about the delay in posts - crazy 2 weeks, bunch of posts coming.

According to most everyone this winter has been bizarre - colder and wetter than anything most people can remember. To top it off we had 4 inches of snow on Friday (equivalent to about 40 inches in terms of shock value for folks from the North). The chickens were content to sleep outside in it but like over zealous parents felt the need to put them inside their coops. Normally in the morning they bust out of the coop ready to face the day, not so much this Saturday morning as you'll see. In any case, the snow was fun to see for a New England boy but I was just fine with it being melted by noon.

Pics from our freak snow storm -

A very snowy pecan orchard.

Corwin enjoying the warm weather on his trip south.

Our chickens do their best Stalag 17 impression.

The chickens didn't know quite what to make of snow.



  1. i recognize that jacket, mcgann. good to see you hangin tough!

  2. Thanks Cassie we're hanging tough like the New Kids.