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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Tear down this fence!"

Our new flock of heritage birds (Black Australorps, Auracanas, Barred Rocks, and Rhode Island Reds) are all to egg laying maturity, and already--in the dead of winter--we're getting several dozen eggs a day. By spring they'll be laying faster than we can pick 'em. We've kept them separate during their growth up to this point, but now that they're all on layer mash they get the chance to intermingle. Here's a video of us taking down our final fence inside the blueberry patch, where they'd been living in breed-specific quadrants. Today was a big sigh of relief. Managing four different types of feed, a labrynth of fences, etc. was a big pain. But now that everyone's more or less on the same track, the labor involved in taking care of them will decrease greatly. Go us!


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