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Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Funny Thing That Happened

Early last Tuesday I went to Savannah to pick up my friend from the train station. He opened up the trunk and said, "There is a chicken in here." And I thought, oh, what a jokester. So I went back to take a look and sure enough there was a very confused looking chicken in the trunk!

Apparently when I was unloading bags of feed she had jumped in and stowed away behind some empty feed bags. Which means at this point the hen had been in there for 24 hours, lucky for her this didn't happen summertime...

After a drink of water and snack we made the trip back to Sylvania and she appears no worse for the experience. But I learned a valuable lesson, check the trunk when you are done unloading feed.



  1. LOL Poor chicken. She must have been so scared. And then thirsty and hungry. It is a good thing you were picking up your friend. Doesn't see know about the trunk release button?
    Did she lay an egg? Maybe she just went into a broody mode. That wouldn't have been too bad.

  2. I forgot that, she did lay an egg!