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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Putting in Tomato Beds

So with Pete the Mule sold and out of the way we were able to get started putting in gardens in the pasture across from the house. We roto-tilled the area and then shoveled the dirt that was where the paths would be to create raised beds. Then we took our empty brown feedbags which we have a ton of to mulch the paths. In the beds we planted tomato plants and then mulched around those with hay to hold moisture in the soil. Over the bags we are putting some mulch that we get from the dump, leaves and sticks that are ground up.

The idea with this style of agriculture is you dig up the ground once and after that you don't till, tilling exposes your soil, drying it out and chopping up your worms. You build the soil up with compost and mulch instead of chemical fertilizers.

There is a picture of me doing my best impression of a grizzled farmer.



  1. i was not told that Pete the Mule being sold!

  2. Is that a cell phone tower in the background?

  3. It is some kind of tower, I haven't really investigated it too closely... maybe BASE jumping?

  4. Why did you sell my friend, Pete?!

  5. You picked a bad year to give up on the KC Royals, super fan.

  6. Happy 3 Weeks without an update.