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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Insomnia Post

Can't sleep, good time to blog. I think 5 cups of tea is too many. Sorry about the post drought, I need to just set a time and do it. I'm taking a day off tomorrow to go to the St. Paddy's day parade in Savannah, wooo. Paid vacation, 401(k), and a dental plan are some of the many benefits we have here.

I'll post some pictures, that's always fun!

This is my favorite time of day on the farm.

Before and after of the blueberry patch, we just finished clearing it out with help from folks who came down to help over their spring break. They went from sticks to buds and leaves in the past 5 days or so, I'll post a newer picture of them soon.

Our fire pit. Its good for putting things in and burning them. We're having a fireside jam with Pastor Dan and our neighbors Thursday.

Chicken Town. Population ~90



  1. You're certainly making a lot of progress. I particularly like that handsome fire pit. I've decided though, chickens are nasty.

  2. Are those the watering things that you got from the guy? Looks like crud is still getting in em.

    C'mon Sarah, chickens are hilarious. Look at them!

  3. Nah, those are the old waterers. I am still working on getting the new ones going.