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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We have friends! (Country livin' ain't all that bad...)

So it could be said that for a while we were--well--a bit isolated. Elliott and I, in addition to being aspiring community educators, simply got tired of staring at each other. But with the WWOOFer program, service-learning students, and the farmers' markets combined--things have started to change. Our lives are now filled with fabulous, fearless people we'd like to tell you about...the movement is...moving!

Meet Kyle Huff (far left). A WWOOFer from the St. Louis area, he was with us for a glorious month. Didn't have a problem wrestling pigs or herding turkeys--a can-do sort of guy. He's now entertaining the idea of starting a farm on some family land. Godspeed, Kyle.

Meet our SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) friends. Introduced through Mike Royer, a co-producer (customer) and friend of ours from the Forsyth Farmers' Market, this picture marks the first time we've ever had so many young people in the house at the same time. They're not all farmers, but each in their own way is connected to sustainable living/design. Everybody looks better when they're laughing...

Meet two truly fearless dudes--David and Brian. They hail from a GSU Environmental Biology course, and before coming to our farm had only seen chickens on TV. About 15 minutes after landing in Dover, GA, they were helping us clip the wings of our 450+ laying hens. (Below: Definitely weren't afraid to get dirty...yeah, that's what you think it is. It happens, man. But look at that smile on his face.)

And this is Ian, Jordan, and Preston--also from Environmental Bio at GSU. They helped us whip the garden into shape: mulching paths, weeding, planting, and watering. Aren't they so helpful and cute?

They keep us fresh. They keep us socialized. They are our sanity and our salvation--couldn't do it without 'em--our neighbors, our friends.

Feeling Grateful,

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