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Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Industry Propaganda Tells Our Story For Us

In these two videos from the American Egg Board 2 clueless students visit an industrial egg farm in Indiana. Here is the link to the page.

In the "Roadtrip - Eggfarm" video there is one stunning moment at 1:25 - we are told that in 1925 when the farm was started it had a flock of 1200 PASTURED LAYERS! He goes on to tell us that predators were a problem (read: too much work) and the farm was converted to an indoor system and finally to a cage-based system that we will see in the next video.

In the next video "Roadtrip - Hen House" at 0:41 we learn that the hen house contains 223,000 hens, at 1:00 the moronic students learn they have to wear jumpsuits so an errant disease doesn't cause a mass infection of the flock, the rest of the video explains how keeping 223,000 hens in total confinement, living on wire floors, never seeing the light of day, never expressing any of a hens natural behaviors is better for the farmer, the chicken, and you, the consumer.


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  1. Those kids look like they are acting! They're pretty bad at it too. If they read this, then I invite them out to our farm to see what a truly modern farm is doing to raise eggs in a way that is better for the consumer, the hen and the land.