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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blueberries are coming on...

During a routine farm meander this morning, I discovered that the blueberries had finally decided to "pop." After housing the laying flock in the patch and laying down heavy mulch during the winter--both of which provided continuous weed control and fertilization--the bushes are LOADED with fruit. Last year we picked over 400 lbs from our 1/16th acre patch, and we're hoping to exceed that this year.

How are our blueberries different from the ones you buy in the grocery store?

--We DON'T use any chemicals or heavy machinery

--We DO weed by hand to provide you with a clean, healthy product

--We DON'T use exploited immigrant laborers working for an unfair wage

--We DO pay ourselves fairly for the year-round task of weeding, mulching, pruning, and picking

--We DON'T pick our berries before they're ripe for shipping all over the country

--We DO pick right before the markets to get you the freshest, sweetest, "bluest"berries

You-pick appointments are available from June 1st through July 4th if you'd like to come out and have the sensory pleasure of picking berries with the dew still on them. Early mornings or late afternoons (Monday through Friday or Sunday) are best to avoid mid-day heat. We suggest you bring a hat and wear pants and tennis shoes. Limited appointments available, so call 912-863-6436 to schedule asap and get your berries for $5/lb.

If you can't make it out to the farm, we will have berries available at the Forsyth and Statesboro markets starting June 5th. We recommend coming early to make sure you get them.

Looking forward to the antioxidant rush.



  1. what variety of blue berries do you grow. we are getting ready to plant a bunch of bushes, but just not sure what variety. any pointers on growing them?

  2. That is a good question. It seems I was reading or watching recently about there being a lot of different varieties. Like over a hundred.

  3. Drew,

    In the south your best bet is a Rabbiteye type - there are lots of cultivars within this group. Your best bet would be to plant a variety of them. Diversity is good.

    There is a ton of info on the internet, this is a pretty good quick guide -

    Also, you can speak with your local extension office, they love to help.


  4. We picked at the farm today. It is a magical place for children. Thanks for a great farm and a great tour!