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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Farm Team's Holiday/Birthday Wish List

It takes a village....and a lot of good make a good farm. If you're interested in giving this year, or know someone looking to get rid of any farm supplies, here's a list of things we're looking for. Also, we're more than willing to trade for any items on this list.

The Farm Team

--sturdy work boots
--rain coats
--hats (wide brim, breathable, but secure)
--fencing (2"x4" galvanized, electric poultry netting)
--AgriSupply gift certificate
--Seed Savers gift certificate
--perennials (trees, shrubs, herbs, bulbs, vines, etc. - preferably edible)
--truck (diesel, 4wd, good on the road long distances)
--canning supplies (jars, lids, etc.)
--Brighter Day Natural Foods gift certificate
--large glass bowls (for baking)
--work sunglasses
--walkie-talkie set (6.5 acre range)
--Amazon gift certificate (for gardening books, etc.)
--Red Mill or King Arthur Flour
--electric flour mill or "Country Mill"

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