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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fire, Bucolic Farm Photos, My Fig and I

This was a large nasty brush/junk pile that was created when the egg house was built, it needed to be burned before the Eggstravaganza. On my second try I got it going! Cleanup was less fun. Also, don't wear a watch when you are burning a pile, the metal parts heat up and burn you.

Here are some bucolic pictures of our chickens free ranging. I really need to do a post comparing one of our eggs to a store egg....

This is my 3 month Farm Team initiation tree planting ceremony - that's me and my Brown Turkey Fig tree.



  1. I can never get too much enjoyment from the chicken scenes. They're just hilarious! Nature's littler jesters. So what's going on now?

  2. Kinda makes me want to be a free range human...