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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Rumors of My Blog's Demise Have Been Exaggerated

I will not let my blog die damnit! Today was a long day. To recap:

We have been have a very big problem with the fact that our hens have been laying 400+ eggs a day and we have one regular size fridge. So we have pretty much been having to give them away promotionally which is good but we kind of need to be able to sell eggs to survive. Also we have not been inspected by the USDA yet and you need to have all of your eggs refrigerated to pass! Whoda thunk it! This is also a big deal because once we pass a large distributor is going to buy a large quantity of our eggs. More on eggs later.

Anyhow, the previous owner of the farm got a second hand giant commercial fridge about 5 months ago and proceeded to leave it outside in the elements. I assumed was busted but a friend of a friend showed up today and got it working! So we spent about 5 hours cleaning it, getting it almost inside our egg house, having to take the door jam out to fit it in, and then putting it back together. I'll post some pictures of the ridiculousness that is this fridge tomorrow.

In the meantime here is a picture of Blackie Brownie, the friendliest cat in the world.


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